Construction of the Leisure and Recreation Center

Construction of the Leisure and Recreation Center, including the following facilities:

  • The Health and Beauty Center with a room for rehabilitation exercises according to the doctor Bubnovskiy’s technique, fitness and gym rooms, a mud bath, a balneary and a speleochamber;
  • The hotel "Prestizh" with 12 rooms;
  • Bowling and billiards rooms;
  • Two indoor pools;
  • The water park "Sem Ozyor";
  • The complex of baths (Finnish, Russian and Turkish baths);
  • The cafe "Orange" for 60 seats with a banquet hall for 200 seats.

Company title: the IE Gutrits L.S.

Investments in the project: 250 million rubles.

Number of jobs created: 80

Location: Sovetskaya Street, 38, Gulkevichi, Gulkevichi District.

Investment project implementation period: 2009-2013. The objects were commissioned in stages.